Frequently Asked Questions About Smash Repairs

At Terry Wilkie Smash Repairs, after more than 50 years in the business of smash repairs and car restoration, we have a wealth of information to share.

Following are some frequently asked (and answered) questions, that might help if you find yourself in need of smash repairs, car hire and insurance claims. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further advice about our smash repair services.

Check that everyone is okay, then get the following information from the other driver:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Drivers licence
  • Contact details of driver 
  • Insurer details
  • Take photos of damage

If the accident was not your fault, notifying your insurer with the relevant information will be needed to waive your excess. Not-at-fault accidents generally require no excess from you and your policy will not be affected.


If you’re unsure what to do and, if your vehicle requires towing, contact your insurer  OR phone our friendly staff for advice.

This depends on your insurer’s claim process. Our estimator will be able to give you an approximate timeframe for the repairs, once approved by your insurer. Please note that parts supply is not under our control but know that our position in the queue enjoys the benefit of 50+ years in the business. If we suspect it will be an issue, we can check, at the time of quoting, on the availability of parts. Once your parts arrive, the next step is to quickly reschedule your car in for the work. 

Please contact your insurer or check your insurance policy. Comprehensive policy holders who are not at fault, often get hire car cover for the duration of the repair process. If you are not at fault and don’t have hire car cover on your policy, it may possible to get a hire vehicle through the other party’s insurer.

Contact your insurer on their claims hotline or online claim service. You will be asked to provide all the information necessary to make the claim, e.g. other party details, details of the accident, location and time. So be sure to have all information handy. You’ll be given a claim number for any future reference.

Yes. Our quoting hours are half hour slots, from 8am–12 noon, then  1pm–4.30pm.

This can depend on the type of claim you make…

At Fault Single Vehicle Insurers normally require an excess to be paid. Please check your policy for excess amounts—this can be dependent on the driver at the time of the accident. If your repair costs are less than your excess, it would make sense paying for the repairs yourself rather than using your insurance cover. Obviously, you would continue with the claim process if your repair costs are more than your excess.


In instances where damage was caused by persons unknown and no information can be obtained, you would be required to pay an excess.

Multi Vehicle Accidents—If you are at fault and have damaged another vehicle you can:
• Request a quote on the other vehicle to ascertain repair costs
• Organise a quote on your own vehicle to ascertain repair costs

Assuming the quotes are more than your excess, you would pay the excess to the repairer and your insurer would cover the balance of the costs. If the other party was not insured, they can request the option to have their vehicle repaired under your claim. In this case, you would provide them with your Claim Number once you have contacted your insurer, so that they can organise their own repairs.

Multi Vehicle Accident—If you are not at fault, collect the appropriate information to make a claim with your insurer. They will cover all costs incurred to your vehicle.

Comprehensive—Covers damage to your vehicle (whether at fault or not) and, if you are at fault, covers the other vehicle/s involved.

Third Party—Covers damage caused to any other vehicle by you in an accident but NOT your vehicle (*). Motorists with low-value used vehicles tend to only take out this cover. If you have third party cover only, and are not at fault, you have the option to claim as a third party under the other person’s insurance. If the other person holds no insurance, please check with your insurer. Some may be willing to pay for damage costs up to a certain value.

CTP (Compulsory Third Party)—This appears on your registration renewal. THIS INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER ANY VEHICLE DAMAGE. It covers any person/s who have sustained injuries as a result of the accident. Some customers are under the assumption that they have insurance cover for their vehicle with CTP, however THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

No. Insurers class every separate incident as a SEPARATE claim. If you have damage to the front and damage to the back from two separate incidences, then you would be required to make two (2) separate claims and pay two (2) amounts of excess i.e. if your excess is $600 you would be required to pay $1200.

We have specialised towing contractors working alongside our business. Contact our friendly staff for more information regarding your towing needs.

Yes. Please call us to organise a suitable appointment time. There is no off-site quoting.

Perhaps you’d like your bumpers replaced by bullbars during the repair process. This is an opportune time to get it done. We can definitely help with that. Please note, you’d need to cover any extra costs, as your insurer would pay only for the originally quoted vehicle damage.

Yes. If you require a quote for private repairs, please let us know at the time of your quote. We would provide you with the quote and the work could be done along with the other repairs.

Best to check your policy information or direct with your insurer. Most companies do have their preferred repairers, depending on location, however, if you ask to use your preferred repairer, most companies are happy to proceed. Terry Wilkie Smash Repairs is a recommended repairer for many insurers. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff for further advice.

We service Toowoomba, Western Queensland, Northern NSW, South Burnett area, Lockyer District, and South West Queensland.

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